Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My Orientation Week

my First Official week at ASU passed without ne major probs or excitement.we had the normal boring oreintation... only good thing was free may black forest khane ko mila.. unlimited... i also won a ASU folder in the raffle held after the oreintation. The Indian Students Association held an informal gathering at near by indian restaurant that nite. it was just the normal stuff of introduction and singing etc. but was fun. food was patheticthis was on last monday. next day..we had nothin. on wednesday was supposed to be Ice Cream party-- it was meant for socialising and people were only interested in ice creams.. so boring. all of them sitting in there own private grp and no one wanna mix up. so i did the same had my fill of icecreams and sundaes and took a free water bottle and left.on thursday-- my first day of my job. reached the at 1000 am sharp.i was told to report to Sammi ( samuel fragoso) -- a short man probably just afew years plder than me but very nice. he is my immediate supervisor. he helped me out that day with the menu and how to use the cash register.... then straight to the counter. so many people pouring in.. i made some mistake but sammi helped me out. i left early that day as i had a orientation tha day. next day a girl called britney helped me out. she was really helpful though it was not her job to help me. now i am doin gr8 there -- serving almost 450 customers in 4 1/2 hours. u do the math...then we had something called passport to ASU next day... that day everything is free in the ASU Memorial Union and Student Recreation Centre. i got lot of free stuff to eat.. sushi, cookies,icecream, burritoes, etc and lot of goodies like Sundevil posters, CDs lots of them, etci also played pool and bowling from prob 2 hours. .. gr8 nah... my roomie almost broke a bowling lane with his innovative first time bowling... but sab theek tha end may.... we had a lot of fun that day...we had sun devil spirit nite on sunday in wells fargo arena.. the basket ball court at ASU.. there were cheerleaders dancing there also some grps dancing... it was awesome. i also got to shoot some hoops -- 1 out of 5 shots i got.. not bad for a indian...they were also giving away t shirts but it was for season ticket holders only.. bad hah..well this way my orientaion week ended with a lot of flair.. btw i also shifted to my new apartment in this week..u guys see it on my webshots link...http://community.webshots.com/user/venkat2911... go here now and let me know how it is..now that i am well settled.... lookin forward for my classes to begin and do my best in them and make my folks proud........venkee