Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amazing Praha with great Czechs

I wrote this when i was in Praha 2 weeks ago during my eurotrip but for got to post it.

The reason for for my euro trip was to get know the country's culture and i got the with 35 km bike to karlsten castle from prague. My ride was hard. Changes in slope, losing my way, running out water, friends with cramps; i face every issue imaginable. I even had flat tire on one bike. But i fixed it.

Anyways, the post is about the czechs. They helped my friends and i every time we were in trouble. Like a fellow cyclist who helped us get to a different to find part of the route. Like the lady in the middle of no where came out of her house to get us back on the right route when she saw that we were lost. Like the bartender who directed me to the next town because he did not have what we wanted. Like the restaurant owner and worker who helped us with some multivitamin drinks and a smile :-)

All these czech people live outside of prague. They were so courteous. Always smiling. even if we did not speak the same language they understood me and helped me.

I have come to like the czechs very fondly after my ride today. Cannot wait to experience even more of Prague and Ceska Republika tomorrow.