Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A piece of my mind on India's security solution

The solution to our internal security is not simple. The responsibility of this situation is just not on the politicians and bureaucrats, but on the whole of India. - The people of India. I think we are as much responsible as the politicians and bureaucrats are for this current pathetic situation. The following are the things that are the needs of the hour:

  1. Create a separate portfolio for Internal/Homeland Security. Have a really strong minister for it.
  2. Make a division in CBI, RAW etc solely for the purpose of the internal security. They will brief the union minister for homeland security.
  3. Each state has its own state minister for internal security. They are responsible for the security of the states.
  4. Have highly trained commandos in all the major cities including tier 1 cities.
  5. Train the police to handle such terrorist attacks in the absence of the commandos. Also, train them to work under the commando when they are present. Provide all the equipment required to do the same.
  6. Make the hierarchy very clear.
  7. Take steps to reduce hunger and poverty. It is then when poor and hungry people will think about and help the country.
  8. Stop thinking about yourselves and think about the country. If you do that, promise you the country will take care of you.


  1. Stop being corrupt and execute the government’s plans correctly and effectively. Be more accountable. What will you do with your money if you are not alive to enjoy it?
  2. Stay connected with all the agencies and constantly evaluates and adapts to the changing security situations
  3. Support the police and other agencies rather being a hindrance.

People of India:

  1. First and foremost, go and vote for the right candidate every time, every election even the smallest local one
  2. Don’t say we did not vote since we did not have enough information. Seek information. The candidates are supposed to give us information. Ask the candidates for their views in local as well as national issues. Vote for any person who you think will do the best job even if he is not from a major party.
  3. Be vigilant. Report suspicious activities and do not take law into your own hands.
  4. Stop bribing to get a job done. If we don't bribe, the corruption will reduce and stop.
  5. We are one nation – so, we have to behave like that. When Mumbai is struck, the whole India should hurt. All the Indians around the world should hurt, as I am now and will be till we are safe.
  6. Get angry. Do something. Do anything. It does not have to be related to internal security or terrorism. Help more people overcome poverty. It is then when they will think about other issues facing them and India will get more help.