Sunday, July 01, 2007

My First Motorcycle Roadtrip

I went on my first road on my motorcycle( Kawasaki Ninja 500R) to a place called Kingman in the north of Arizona. This was 22nd of June 2007. It is around 200 miles from Phoenix, Arizona. A fun ride it was and was not very tiring as i assumed it would be. I left early around 6am and reached Kingman around 9.30am with 2 stops in the middle at Wickenberg and a some other place just before Kingman. The trip was very uneventful except that my gear lever came off few miles outside Kingman. Stopping at a gas station nearby, I found that I could put it back myself using the tools I had in my bike. Thank God!

After finishing my work, I had short lunch break at Denny's in Kingman. For my friends back home, Denny's is nice diner chain where you get bottomless coffee :-).
I left back early around 11.30am, so I can reach Phoenix before the temperature rises. On my way back, I stopped at a bridge and took a small video. My first personal video taken on my new Moto Rizr. First thing, I realised that I suck as a cameraman. Totally uncreative, unimaginative and very amateur. Next thing I found out that I have acquired a Big American accent in my 3 years here in USA. I did not consciously try to get it. I just acquired it. I had thought that I will not get it. But here I am with an accent which I was determined never to have. I have nothing against it but I wanted keep the Indian touch in my English.

I got back home safely around 3.30pm after some agonizing hot moments in Suncity(30 miles from Phoenix) with slow traffic and rising temperature.

Below is my amateur video. Sorry if it is not interesting to you. Just wanted to share. Comments are welcome and appreciated.