Monday, March 05, 2007

An Out of Body Experience!

Imagine looking at all of our internal organs, i mean real organs. Seeing just the amazing and intricate network of bloodvessels. I thought I needed to be a medical student to look at these amazing parts of our anatomy.

Yesterday, I went to an exhibition on Human Anatomy called Body Works 3. It has preserved bodies of dead people using a process called Plastination. All the body parts are kept as it is without any decay. This is mainly done for educational purposes for study of human anatomy; the most complex machine we have ever seen but still very systematic in arrangement and operation.

I was a little uncomfortable at first but after sometime i was so fascinated that my friends had to pull me out of the exhibition.

A few things really amazed me like there was a display with just the network of blood vessels. It looked so fragile intricate and reminded me of a fine mesh. There was display of damaged lungs ( due to smoking ) and damaged liver ( due to drinking). This display, every guy/gal who drinks or smokes should see of what they are doing to their organs. It was so yucky!

I was really moved by one display. It was series of display of the human embryo from 1 week to 9 weeks or so. It was so amazing to see that was me ( actually all of us) 24 years ago. It was very moving and it strengthened my belief in the All Mighty even more.

It was really great experience which i think all should have at least once so that we can appreciate our body more than we do now.