Monday, August 15, 2005

really bored rite now!

It is more than a year since i came here to ASU. But just seems like yesterday that i left India.
After 3 monthes of doin nothin but reading tech papers, i am eagerly awaiting the start of the Fall 2005 semester. This sem is very different in the sense that i am taking 2 classes about which i dont know anything. They are namely viz digital signal processing and perturbation methods.

i am actually really bored at this time. have not read nething at all today. today was my friend's MS thesis defense. he did well in it and i came abck from there and i ahve not been able to concentrate at all. thought that i walk will refresh me but it did not help. it really affects me thinkin that i am wastin my time in lab instead of readin something. i have so much to do but i dont feel like openin the paper. my friend gordon came online. i chatted with him for something even that did not help. now i am listenin to some music and there is a ice cream party at old main lawn at 500 pm. hope that refreshes me. i plan to go to san diego this weekend with my friends. and i am also goin to meet my friends at purdue durin the long weekend startin for 2nd of july. i am really lookin foward to meet them. it has been a year since i met nebody from my pre ASU days.

these trips shud get me back on track. at least i hope so.

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