Sunday, June 18, 2006

Internship Update!

Last week was my first week at Flood Control Dsitrict of Maricopa County, I was a fun week with a lot of learning in a very short time. I have amazing collegues which helps a lot. Have not exactly started working on my actual project, i expect myself to start this week.

Even with this internship in place, I am not able to enjoy my life here. There is some unknown fear that keep me back from enjoying my life here. I had a small argument with my roommates on Friday and they were not happy with something i had done. But, now one ever told me abt it and one day all of them start attacking me. It made me really mad but i sucked up my anger so as not to cause a lot of damage

I wonder why people never tell me if they have problems with me. I rarely get angry. but if no one tells me it makes me really mad. so friends, tell me if i am going wrong, i am ever ready to listen.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I was wondering if my friends take me for granted. I am actually confused. Many of my good friends sometimes ( actually many times) dont return my calls or do not reply to my mails. I dont know if i am being a fool hanging on to things or am i overanalysing things here.

I know sometimes people are busy and i can be persistent ( bordering abnoxious) but am i asking too much when i want my friends to tell me that they are busy or cant get back to me now.

I am confused here people, sometimes i start thinking if i was wrong in anyway for them to act like this. Hope i get this clear as soon as possible!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


At last, after 3 1/2 weeks of running around for paper work, I got my authorisation to do my internship today. It was such a big relief and i am so glad the now i can start my internship on the 8th June. For the people who dont know, I will be a hydrologist intern at Flood Control District of Maricopa county. The internship is in summer and through the fall semester.

I am really excited to start working and to actually have my 1st experience in working in a corporate environment after 23 long years in school. Wish me good luck:-)