Thursday, April 27, 2006

Broken Finga Update

I should my finga to a specialist today. I will be needing surgery to fix it.
I have scheduled a surgery next thursday 4th of may 2006.The surgeon is the best in phoenix so i am not worried.Just a little scared, never been to a hospital before. But i have amazing friends around me so i am not worried that much.

Hope it goes well...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Broken Finga.... and My season is over!

My Team Taverners CC are the Arizona Cricket League Champs with record of 11-3. Now, it is the time for playoffs. I get to play my 1st match in the playoffs which happened to be the semifinals against Cavs Blue CC at Glendale, Arizona yesterday.

I was so pumped up for that game that i was diving all around the place during fielding. One of these dives has resulted in a broken little finger in my left hand. It is all swollen up and stuff.
I will post pictures later today. I did not get batting as our openers had a partnership of 185 and we won by 8 wickets.

But sadly, my season is over without playing the finals. This is my 1st fracture and i will going to health centre after i finish work today.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Weird Times!

Never thought it so difficult to study! It has almost 3 weeks now. I have not been able to concentrate on my research or my classes. I just cant seem to get motivated. I have a lot of time but i just cant seem to sit down and do it. For that matter, i cant seem enjoy doing nething for a long time. Be it studies, reading or work on my SAE project etc. I just feel so lazy. There were times i used to love to study and compete to be the best. where are those days, that vigour, what has made me change for the worse? I need answers and i need it fast.

This must end. I dont know how but it must end and fast!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just not been myself!

Last 2 weeks i have not been myself. Too many things on my mind. Cant think of anything to write But i will start writing again very soon. Ciao till then!