Monday, March 20, 2006

Can one complain?

I just got back my midterm for Micro Fluids class. i got a 45/100. bad ha? The class average was 39. So i think i did ok. The problem i found with test was that i did not make a assumption right, which made some of my calculations complicated and i could not attempt one whole problem because of that and the 2nd question was incomplete. As i came out of my class i knew i could the solve the paper and i resolved the whole thing next day. It took me 2 1/2 hours to do it and i had 1 hour 1omins during the actual test.

Now to the point i am trying to make. As you can see from the average, most of the students did not do well in the test. The complaints from other students were paper was too long, professor had said that there wont be too much math in it and there was, we did not have enough time to think, exam was exactly like the homework but longer, professor is unfair in giving such a long paper so on and so forth. These complaints seem valid to many, but not to me.

When you go to give a test, aren't you supposed to be prepared for anything and everything. We are graduate students now, isn't adaptability and understanding the main thing? Professor himself gave points for understanding and did not get cut many points for the math. So why crib about the midterm? Why hold the professor responsible when you are the one to be blamed? I dont know if i am right but i never blame the person who tests me. I should be ready for anything. I just try to see how i could have done that better. I am not sure if that is lack of confidence or just me trying to make myself better. Can you guys tell me what's going on?

I just think one should be flexible and not blame the situation for failure or not doing well in it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Formula SAE! Here I come...

I always wanted to build a race car. I actually dream about help build a F1 car.
Now, my friend Kurt has given me chance to do exactly what i want to do. Kurt has been a member of Formula SAE team at ASU for some time now. These guys have not made a car in last few years due to lack of funds. Now they have funds this year. So we are going to make a car for Formula SAE west competition in June.

Kurt invited me to join the team in January and i gladly accepted . He heads the driver integration team . Till yesterday we had not got any work done. But the chassis team worked hard and welded together a great chassis during the 1st half of the week. Kurt, Chad and I went in yesterday to grind the welds on the chassis and add some welds if needed. It was so amazing to do some hands on work. I never got a chance to do any welding or grinding at VJTI myself to make something important. Now that i have, i will make the most of it. I did grinding and some welding yesterday. We did not finish and plan to finish it today or tomorrow. These next few monthes are goin to be amazing in FSAE.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Snow in the middle of desert!

I never thought i would see this, but yes there was snow in the middle of desert. On the same day as it rained in tempe, it snowed in north phoenix. Me along with my roommates tried to go east on sunday to see snow but even after driving for 1 1/2 hour we were nowhere near the snow.

Then on monday, my friend Lisa called me and said that they had snow near her home in north phoenix. So she invited me to her place. So i went there via the bus and for the first time i saw and touched snow. It was amazing and it was so much fun to play in the snow. The best thing was it was in the middle of the desert . Look at the picture. isn't it out of this world.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Nico Rosberg: The Next F1 superstar!

Any one who saw the Sunday's Bahrain GP will remember 3 things:
1. Kimi's great drive from the back of grid
2. The return of King Schumi
3. The emergence of new talent called Nico Rosberg!

Nico is just 2o years old. But on sunday he drove and overtake like he has been in F1 all his life.
He raced wheel to wheel with DC ( 195 races experience) and agressively overtook Klien on the last lap. He also had the fastest lap of the race in a Williams-Cosworth. Sam Micheal agreed that Williams had gone in with a conservative strategy. This coupled with Nico's rookie mistake on Lap 1 resulted in a 7th place for him. After the 1st lap, he was further back than Kimi was at start of the race. He was almost 1 lap down. He was almost pushed into the garage which would have ended his race. But he came back and to give performance like that speaks volumes for his talent and a mature head.

Nico is not only a talented driver but also a brilliant individual. He was accepted in the Imperial College - One of top school in England and probably the world, for a degree in aerodynamics ( yeah baby!). But he and his family decided to go with a racing career. With a former world champion ( keke rosberg) and his father as his manager, he was perfectly set to grow in racing industry and he did it. He became 2005 GP2 champ and then when Williams and BMW split, he was ideally placed to join his old father's team with whom keke won a F1 championship. He scored more than anyone in a aptitude test that all Williams drivers. Amazing!

Now with his debut out of the way, big things will be expected out of him in the future. He will surely live up to his expectations and he will be world champion in the near future like his father,hopefully with Williams.

Go Nico!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Its raining again in Phoenix!

After a long dry spell that lasted for a record 143 days, it rained in Phoenix and neighbouring areas today. it was such a relief for all people here. We needed this rain desperately. Personally i love the rains, not a heavy downpour , but light continuous ones. The temperature have dropped dramatically and it is welcome relief from the heat which was there during the start of the week.

Getting up this morning to a gloomy, dull rainy day was big change. I could not stop myself from going out and just getting wet in this cold winter rain. I was cold, shivering but i was enjoying. I just wished i had a cone of icecream with me then. Yes , i love eating icecream in the cold rain.
I could not get any then but after we had a hot indian lunch at Pasand here, i got myself a kulfi from our beloved indian store here. I was so much fun to eat an cold kulfi in cold rain.

They is prediction for rains tomorrow too and then a sunny monday. so we have only one more day of this rain. I intend to enjoy most of these rains!

Friday, March 03, 2006

F1 is back!

It is that time of the year guys! Formula 1 is back and with a whole lot changes too. Renault trying to win another championship with alonso before he joins Mclaren in 2007 and then there are the V8s how will they affect the series. Tyre Changes are back and complicated new qualifying schedule should make March 12 2006- interesting day.

Winter Testing showed Honda to be the best and most reliable team. With Barrichello, a proven race winner in the team , Honda can win their 1st GP in 2006. Renault looks solid as ever and sure are the favorites. You cant rule out schumi in what might be his last season in F1. Mclaren have been very erratic in the winter testing, with mercedez V8 not up to the mark. F1 pundits thinks Cosworth and Toyota have best V8s. This makes Toyota and Williams- Dark Horses in 2006 season. It will interesting to see how BMW does in its 1st year as an independent team.The speed of Super Aguri in 2002 arrows will also be interesting.

Personally, I am very big Williams fan. I just seem to like them a lot. With one of best V8s in them, if they can get the aero right they shud be up there. Testing results are ok. But whos knows how reliable the other V8s are? Cosworth are V8 specialists and that should give williams the edge in terms of reliablity. Webber is great in qualifying and Nico Rosberg is supposed be good racer.

I cant wait for green lights on the 12th March! Hope it is great season

I'm back!

Hi Guys! someone told me that should restart blogging so i am giving it a try again!
Keep checking this space for new entries now!

ciao for now!