Saturday, March 11, 2006

Its raining again in Phoenix!

After a long dry spell that lasted for a record 143 days, it rained in Phoenix and neighbouring areas today. it was such a relief for all people here. We needed this rain desperately. Personally i love the rains, not a heavy downpour , but light continuous ones. The temperature have dropped dramatically and it is welcome relief from the heat which was there during the start of the week.

Getting up this morning to a gloomy, dull rainy day was big change. I could not stop myself from going out and just getting wet in this cold winter rain. I was cold, shivering but i was enjoying. I just wished i had a cone of icecream with me then. Yes , i love eating icecream in the cold rain.
I could not get any then but after we had a hot indian lunch at Pasand here, i got myself a kulfi from our beloved indian store here. I was so much fun to eat an cold kulfi in cold rain.

They is prediction for rains tomorrow too and then a sunny monday. so we have only one more day of this rain. I intend to enjoy most of these rains!

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Rahul said...

Thiru Venkat - your penchant for gorging on ice-cream while it rains is ample testimony to the fact that you stand apart from the rest. Ab ham aur kya keh sakte hain?

Oy - it's raining here too! At least it did Thursday and Friday. Both Pune and Mumbai. Here's what Metroblogging Mumbai had to say about the lovely lovely weather that resulted.

Keep writing ,"dood"! (Did you Americans and Indian-Americans notice that "dood" is an anagram of "dodo"?) ;-)