Monday, March 20, 2006

Can one complain?

I just got back my midterm for Micro Fluids class. i got a 45/100. bad ha? The class average was 39. So i think i did ok. The problem i found with test was that i did not make a assumption right, which made some of my calculations complicated and i could not attempt one whole problem because of that and the 2nd question was incomplete. As i came out of my class i knew i could the solve the paper and i resolved the whole thing next day. It took me 2 1/2 hours to do it and i had 1 hour 1omins during the actual test.

Now to the point i am trying to make. As you can see from the average, most of the students did not do well in the test. The complaints from other students were paper was too long, professor had said that there wont be too much math in it and there was, we did not have enough time to think, exam was exactly like the homework but longer, professor is unfair in giving such a long paper so on and so forth. These complaints seem valid to many, but not to me.

When you go to give a test, aren't you supposed to be prepared for anything and everything. We are graduate students now, isn't adaptability and understanding the main thing? Professor himself gave points for understanding and did not get cut many points for the math. So why crib about the midterm? Why hold the professor responsible when you are the one to be blamed? I dont know if i am right but i never blame the person who tests me. I should be ready for anything. I just try to see how i could have done that better. I am not sure if that is lack of confidence or just me trying to make myself better. Can you guys tell me what's going on?

I just think one should be flexible and not blame the situation for failure or not doing well in it.

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Sonal said...

Hey although I agree that one must be prepared for the test and that means everything, it is physically impossible to prepare for each and every word perfectly each time. Its always prioritized study, in any always study some parts better than the others either based on frequency of questions asked in the past tests or the importnce of the subject matter.

Inspite of that however, one could do well, if he/she is aware of the kind of exam you are going to get...think about it this way, if your prof tells you its a open book exam you will be prepared for it in that way....will u still not blame him if he misleads you into believing that you will get an open book exam when infact he gives a closed book in class exam? I dont think thats fair and it does not make use of your full potential for giving a test.....mind you I am not talking about actual understanding, just a test!

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