Friday, March 17, 2006

Formula SAE! Here I come...

I always wanted to build a race car. I actually dream about help build a F1 car.
Now, my friend Kurt has given me chance to do exactly what i want to do. Kurt has been a member of Formula SAE team at ASU for some time now. These guys have not made a car in last few years due to lack of funds. Now they have funds this year. So we are going to make a car for Formula SAE west competition in June.

Kurt invited me to join the team in January and i gladly accepted . He heads the driver integration team . Till yesterday we had not got any work done. But the chassis team worked hard and welded together a great chassis during the 1st half of the week. Kurt, Chad and I went in yesterday to grind the welds on the chassis and add some welds if needed. It was so amazing to do some hands on work. I never got a chance to do any welding or grinding at VJTI myself to make something important. Now that i have, i will make the most of it. I did grinding and some welding yesterday. We did not finish and plan to finish it today or tomorrow. These next few monthes are goin to be amazing in FSAE.

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Sonal said...

Thats great news!Congrats....and do us proud!