Monday, March 13, 2006

Nico Rosberg: The Next F1 superstar!

Any one who saw the Sunday's Bahrain GP will remember 3 things:
1. Kimi's great drive from the back of grid
2. The return of King Schumi
3. The emergence of new talent called Nico Rosberg!

Nico is just 2o years old. But on sunday he drove and overtake like he has been in F1 all his life.
He raced wheel to wheel with DC ( 195 races experience) and agressively overtook Klien on the last lap. He also had the fastest lap of the race in a Williams-Cosworth. Sam Micheal agreed that Williams had gone in with a conservative strategy. This coupled with Nico's rookie mistake on Lap 1 resulted in a 7th place for him. After the 1st lap, he was further back than Kimi was at start of the race. He was almost 1 lap down. He was almost pushed into the garage which would have ended his race. But he came back and to give performance like that speaks volumes for his talent and a mature head.

Nico is not only a talented driver but also a brilliant individual. He was accepted in the Imperial College - One of top school in England and probably the world, for a degree in aerodynamics ( yeah baby!). But he and his family decided to go with a racing career. With a former world champion ( keke rosberg) and his father as his manager, he was perfectly set to grow in racing industry and he did it. He became 2005 GP2 champ and then when Williams and BMW split, he was ideally placed to join his old father's team with whom keke won a F1 championship. He scored more than anyone in a aptitude test that all Williams drivers. Amazing!

Now with his debut out of the way, big things will be expected out of him in the future. He will surely live up to his expectations and he will be world champion in the near future like his father,hopefully with Williams.

Go Nico!

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