Monday, April 24, 2006

Broken Finga.... and My season is over!

My Team Taverners CC are the Arizona Cricket League Champs with record of 11-3. Now, it is the time for playoffs. I get to play my 1st match in the playoffs which happened to be the semifinals against Cavs Blue CC at Glendale, Arizona yesterday.

I was so pumped up for that game that i was diving all around the place during fielding. One of these dives has resulted in a broken little finger in my left hand. It is all swollen up and stuff.
I will post pictures later today. I did not get batting as our openers had a partnership of 185 and we won by 8 wickets.

But sadly, my season is over without playing the finals. This is my 1st fracture and i will going to health centre after i finish work today.

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Sonal said...

Hey thats sadddd.....hope you are doin ok now! Take care of the finger!