Friday, March 03, 2006

F1 is back!

It is that time of the year guys! Formula 1 is back and with a whole lot changes too. Renault trying to win another championship with alonso before he joins Mclaren in 2007 and then there are the V8s how will they affect the series. Tyre Changes are back and complicated new qualifying schedule should make March 12 2006- interesting day.

Winter Testing showed Honda to be the best and most reliable team. With Barrichello, a proven race winner in the team , Honda can win their 1st GP in 2006. Renault looks solid as ever and sure are the favorites. You cant rule out schumi in what might be his last season in F1. Mclaren have been very erratic in the winter testing, with mercedez V8 not up to the mark. F1 pundits thinks Cosworth and Toyota have best V8s. This makes Toyota and Williams- Dark Horses in 2006 season. It will interesting to see how BMW does in its 1st year as an independent team.The speed of Super Aguri in 2002 arrows will also be interesting.

Personally, I am very big Williams fan. I just seem to like them a lot. With one of best V8s in them, if they can get the aero right they shud be up there. Testing results are ok. But whos knows how reliable the other V8s are? Cosworth are V8 specialists and that should give williams the edge in terms of reliablity. Webber is great in qualifying and Nico Rosberg is supposed be good racer.

I cant wait for green lights on the 12th March! Hope it is great season


Sourabh said...

Good to hear from u!!

and...good info!!! And are u the fan of willams or BMW coz they are gonna be different....
But anyways season is going to be different and exciting this time...rules are pretty interesting with the completely new set of i feel its gonna be anybodys ball game...and especially with the qualifying rules!!!!!

Sonal said...

Heyyy welcome back! Hopefully not to disappear again...:)

Gordon DSouza said...

Hey thats great to know that you are back. Wonder whats the source of inspiration?!

Anyways keep up the good work & thanks for reminding me that F1 season is around the corner!