Friday, September 21, 2007

NTWD! (No Texting While Driving)

City of Phoenix today banned texting while driving. It is about time this was done. I myself have almost been run over by drivers texting while they are driving a car. I thought this was a 'no brainer'and I would go even further in requesting to ban talking on a cellphone (without a handsfree device) while driving. Even the so called " developing countries" like India, have a ban on using a mobile communication device while driving. So, why should a "developed country" like the US not do so too? Are drivers in the US much better than other drivers in different parts of the world? Phoenix is one of first cities in US to do this. I hope other cities follow this example and pass the appropriate laws.

In the meantime, my friends please DO NOT call me while driving. Also, I will not attend your calls if I am driving.

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lordbeaker said...

I'm with you 100%.

My wife is always upset when I do not answer her text messages to me while I am driving home from work. Getting an important call is one thing... but having to read a message, let alone having to type one back, while driving is nuts.

I'm sure teenagers will think we are nuts as they tell us how easy it is to make a turn with only their knees while shifting with one hand, texting with the other and trying to keep an eye on the road. But then again, they also think they are immortal ;)

Call your friends and make your plans before you get in the car... it has worked perfectly in the world when there were no cell phones. And guess what... We were not as stressed back then.