Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Stop -- Chicago!

After an hour long delay in Phoenix where I was sitting in the plane due to snow storm in Chicago, I reached O’Hare Airport around 30 minutes ago at 8.55pm local time. The flight was uneventful except that my cabin luggage just fit into the overhead storage of the McDonald Douglas S80. I do not know what I would done if it had not. I met a person (do not know his name) who sitting next to me. We did not converse for the first half. He was listening to music and I was reading. After the drinks were served, I tried to break the ice by asking him if he was from Chicago and thus started a nice conversation. He was management guy with a company which makes manufacturing tools. Our conversation ranged from his company, Boeing 787 (he knew a lot about aircraft manufacturing) , the financial market (he was an accountant by education), his fondness to golf and of course the Chicago Cubs. Alighting from the plane, I called my friends in Phoenix and parents in India and made sure that I called Nikunj in India. He wants me to call him from each airport I go to before I reach India. My hunger took me to food court there where I filled myself with Chinese food. There is queue of people outside the gate where my flight to London leaves from. I am going to check that out and also see where I need to give I-94 before Ieave the US. Till later……

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