Thursday, January 31, 2008

In the Land of the Queen…

I reached London around 1 hour ago. Flight was comfortable and empty. I had no one next to me on the flight so I could spread myself and get a nice sleep for a few hours - around 4-5 hours. Since I did not have any one next to me, I have no interesting conversations to report this time. Food was ok – Dinner and Breakfast. The entertainment system was real bad and did not work well. I watched the, starting of rush hour 3, middle part of transformers and end of the Simpsons movie. There was supposedly some glitch in their new system.
The highlight of the flight was the landing in London’s Heathrow Airport. The weather is cloudy here. As my Boeing 777 broke through the clouds, the most amazing sight appeared. Below me was London city with its Victorian style houses and lush green gardens. I saw a few football grounds, cricket pitches and I saw a stadium too, but could not tell to which London football club it belonged to. I realized that the cars were on the right side of the roadJ. The view was I think really peaceful. I cannot wait visit this place on my way back.
I called mom using a payphone here to let her know I am fine. I tried calling Munmun (who studies in the London school of Economics) but cannot seem manage to get the pay phone to call her. I must be doing something wrong. I will try again later.
My next connecting flight to Dubai is scheduled to leave at 8pm local time. So I have around 6 hours to waste here. I hope a book and some music will make the time fly. See you in Dubai then…..

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