Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do you support IPL moving outside the country or do you think that BCCI is being selfish at the cost of the country?

NO IPL should stay in India! Will the English FA allow EPL to move outside the country if a similar situation arises???

Its a tough situation because of the elections at the same time. Fear has been created amongst the players by the terrorism propaganda. I think we should reschedule it with lesser games and still play it in India.. - Arunshankar

Its a sad thing that IPL had to be moved but its better to have it moved rather than cancel altogether.
- Chinmay

BCCI is an extremely selfish organization. At some point it called the Indian Cricket team - Team BCCI. but it is shamelessly registered as a charitable trust and it bailed on the country even though the home minister personally asked them to reschedule...because some of the glitz would be lost due to non-availability of players.
- Chakkravarthy

Before I start, let me make my stance clear - I am fine with the IPL moving overseas. My reasons, firstly, the games should not stop because our Government cannot provide protection to its people. We cannot give in to the terrorist who do not want anything good to happen in India (or Pakistan). Cricket is one thing that binds our whole country. Canceling any cricket event in India fearing a terrorist attack is doing exactly what they want us do - Stop living our lives. We cannot do that. We cannot give in. Whatever happens - Life must go on. My friend explains to me that I can talk this way because I have never been affected by a terrorist activity personally. He is correct. I agree it must be very very hard for the affected party to agree with me. I am sorry if i am hurting anyone. But we cannot stop living. People who have not been affected need to show that we are not afraid. We will not lie down. We will go on with our lives. We will enjoy it.

Secondly, as Chuck writes BCCI is being selfish. He might be right. The owners do not want to lose money and so does IPL. IPL is one to the avenue in which India show that it is a power in the world that cannot be ignored anymore. It took Lalit Modi all of 3 days to move a tournament of this magnitude to another country. Countries were fighting to host the IPL season 2.
BCCI has used all the loopholes available to it to create this behemoth called the IPL. So many young Indian cricketers have benefitted from it. A great example - Yusuf Pathan. He is more important to Team India than his brother, Irfan.

I just think IPL must stop for any reason. It could been curtailed and rescheduled, but they decided against it, but people did not want to the chance and make a loss in this tough economic times. Fair enough. This year it is in SA. I hope it is in India next year.

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Prema said...

Lalit Modi is a businessman afterall! Does he need to really worry about the game-game? There's a seperate league... the sponsors>the media and whole lot of factors dominating how it should be played.
I think its best for sit back and enjoy the sport:)