Sunday, March 01, 2009

The World of my Food

My love of cooking and enjoying it was reignited few night ago. On 25th Feb @ignitephx #3, I heard Chanelle speak about her passion for cooking and eating good food. I realised that in the past few months, i had lost my passion for cooking. It had forgotten how much fun it is to create something delicious and then enjoy eating it. She also emphasised that the food I eat must also look good because I am worth it. Thanks, Chanelle :-)

Since then, I have started to cook more often and enjoy it again. I plan to share it all you guys - my friends. If you are in Phoenix, come and join me any time for some delicious homecooked food(call me first though). If you are not in Phoenix, i plan to put up some pictures every so often. The first ones are here on my new food blog: The World of my Food

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iamchanelle said...


you know that makes me happy.

good luck in all your cooking endeavors. :)