Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a cab driver; but an amazing human being!

It is funny how "not so well off" people end up giving so much and touch your help when you least expect them to.

I was returning to the airport from my hotel in Denver last week. My hotel had called a super shuttle for me. It was bang on time. A normal looking black d00d came out and took my luggage. After placing in the booth of his van, he opened the rear door for me and i sat there in one of the seats. He silently then started driving to other hotels around downtown Denver to pick other passengers. He did not seem to find any. At his last pick up point, there were a lot of people and traffic but non for his van. I knew my hotel was fully booked for the weekend and this one seemed the same. I proceeded to ask him if there was a big event in Denver over the weekend and he told me there were several. This was start of a nice conversation with him.

To make our conversation easier, he invited me to take the passenger seat next to him. I politely obliged as i love to ride shotgun. He told me he was originally from Ethiopia and his family had moved to the US sometime ago. I told him i had been to Ethiopia on my way to Mozambique to see my dad in 2001. He then telling me about his story about how he studied in Pune, India in the mid 1990s. I first thought he was bullshitting but certain details he told me about Pune only person who has been there can know. There is also a possibility that he could be well read. He accurattely mentioned exchange rates, cost of food and transport and places in Pune. He seemed a real nice guy but i saw what an amzing human being he was when we reached the airport. As we entered the airport, one women came to ask him how much it was to go downtown. He said 19$ per person. She said they were 4 people and instantly he told her that they should take a limousine cab instead since it will be cheaper for them. He lost $80 business on a slow day like Saturday. I thought he would expect nore tip from me but when i gave him a 3$ tip he gave me back 2$ saying 1$ was enough tip. Who in today,s world does that? He touched my heart with this gesture.

I hope he gets all goodluck in the world and has a blessed life. I recommend anyone coming to denver use him if u need a ride from the airport and back. His name is Ben and email is

Thanks Ben for showing me that the world still has great people like you. In fact my whole trip to Denver has shown me what a group of people with a big heart can do to help the under priviledged in the world.

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